Testing & Commissioning

ETEOM offer a comprehensive range of testing and commissioning services.
We have experience in testing within all types of power facilities, even on specific locations such as off-shore.

Our testing documentation provides detailed information on the tests carried out, results and witnessing. Clients may also request that their own in-house certification is used for quality assurance purposes.

The protection relays and other control relays are essential in the reliability and safety of power systems. Their proper operation protects other devices from damage and helps to the system security. Accordingly, the relay testing is required during the installation and commissioning process, and as part of the maintenance programs throughout its service life, to ensure reliable performance.
From the relay protection services, we offer:

  • Design documentation and studies
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • System Parameterization and Configuring
  • Testing
  • Supervision and Consulting

Basically, a test made through the primary side of the main protection elements can be called a primary test, which can be carried out in breakers, switchgear, busbars, current, voltage or power transformers, low voltage breakers, ground grid, etc. Essentially, a test signal is injected into the primary side to determine how the equipment behaves at that particular level of signal. The primary test may require the injection of current or voltage as test signal, depending on the application.

Besides the trip test of the complete loop to determine the integrity of the whole secondary protection circuit, other typical primary injection testing applications which we can perform are:

  • Checking that the MV/HV/LV circuit breakers trip in response to an over-current.
  • Checking CT/VT ratios and polarities, to determine that the relationship between primary current and secondary current seen by the relay is correct.
  • Checking the correct wiring of the protection system, and that all protective devices are properly connected.
  • Checking  over-current and earth fault relays through primary injection testing.
  • Checking CT circuits, to verify that all switches and protective relays receive the proper current at the proper angle as expected.
  • Testing of reclosers and sectionalizers.
  • Thermal tests on busbars, switchgear and electrical panels.
  • Testing ground grid installations.

Secondary tests are performed to verify the correct operation of the protection system with regard to everything that is connected to the secondary of the transformers. The secondary protection system may include protective relays, auxiliary relays, protection circuits, communications and control systems, metering devices, low-voltage devices, alarms, etc. Accordingly, the secondary injection test covers not only the testing of protective relays and their tripping settings, but also the checking of all associated circuits and devices involved in the proper performance of the secondary protection system.

Test all kind of relays: the relay testing through secondary injection test may range from a simple check of some points of the relay characteristic to a complete verification of the protection scheme logic, even including the response to transient waveforms, harmonics, etc.

We can perform following tests:

  • Distance Protection testing
  • Line Differential Protection testing
  • Transformer Protection testing
  • Generator Protection testing
  • Overcurrent Protection testing
  • Motor protection testing
  • Busbar Protection testing
  • And more…