ETEOM offers its customers comprehensive services in the field of electrical design and layout. Our solutions include careful design, regardless of whether it is residential communities, industries, companies and other areas that require or need electrical power or complex solutions in the field of energy technology and automation. We are privileged to have some of the best electrical engineers on our side who provide instant feedback on the layout designs and how they affect electrical systems. They also quickly identify potential problems with electro-migration in the layout and offer solutions to solve these problems.
The ETEOM team specializes in the development of electrical systems that provide efficient, reliable, closely coordinated and high-quality energy distribution and often contain renewable and distributed energy sources or microgrids.
The planning covers the entire area of ​​electrical, automation and information technology.
We use the latest software applications such as AutoCAD, Eplan, etc. Our planning team consists of engineers, technicians, project managers, and other qualified personnel.
Our strategies for designing redundant power supply system’s focus on maintenance and operation and support important functions in the event of a power failure. They optimize alternative electricity capacity, manage process and environmental system loads, and ensure the safety of life and property.