CEO Message

New opportunities are based on 10+ years of successful delivering the promised quality of services and extensive know-how, the result of gained experience and constant pursuit of today’s best practices.

As young company, ETEOM GmbH has become a trusted partner positioned along the industrial value chain – from power generation, chemical and petrochemical industries, food and beverage facilities, transportation and shipyard construction – successfully delivering the most demanding Engineering and Installation packages in the electro industry.

Combination of technical expertise, great understanding of our partners’ needs and willingness of delivering the complete package for our valued partners, gaves ETEOM GmbH natural step forward.

No Headache for Our Customers

Extensive international experience gained in different industries allowed us to develop the process- oriented methodologies necessary for handling performance-based projects of varying complexities – inevitable framework for service provider when delivering the challenging package without causing headache to the customer.

At ETEOM GmbH we adhere to the highest ethical standards when conducting business whether you are employee or partner. You will find integrity, commitment and excellence doing business with us.

Constant enhancement of our technical and project management capabilities ensures that our clients have the best service at disposal delivered using the most state-of-the-art tools available at market.

We continually seek to maximize efficiencies and synergies in the solutions we deliver in our clients’ working shoulder to shoulder with them -as reliable partner does.

“Quality means doing something properly, even when nobody is watching.”
Henry Ford

“Every job, no matter the size and complexity is carried out in a safe and professional manner”