Health, Safety & Environment

The safety of our workforce is the most important aspect of our business, no exception.
International experience of 10+ years providing services and solutions for the major industry players, allowed us to develop comprehensive ETEOM HSE Framework.
HSE Framework ensures that at every level, in our own production facilities or anywhere across the globe in every industry sector, our HSE policies are deployed by every team member with the same commitment.
Our team managed to translate the HSE Framework into practical program with ambitious but feasible “No Harm” program. Combination of extensive in-house education supported by HSE partners with management commitment allowed us to develop the conditions which make sure that safety is in the hearts and minds of our colleagues, and that they have the tools and skills necessary for work activities execution as safely as possible.
ETEOM GmbH aims to stay at the fore front of the industry and have adopted and developed HSE policies and management practices that sees the quality control of every task. Our Safety are instilled into our employees ensuring that our work is completed with zero harm as our #1 priority.
ETEOM GmbH is committed to ensuring that our Operations are conducted with zero harm to all people and the environment and the quality of our products and services are upheld and consistently maintained.
We empower our people to:
Intervene when they witness any ‘at-risk’ behavior.

Lead by example

 Identify and manage hazards associated with the activities for which they are responsible. Courageously and honestly report all accidents and hazards. Take the time to do things right; do the job safely or not at all – do not cut corners.

Our HSE Culture

All of our themes have supporting behaviors. The ‘everyone’ behaviors apply to all people regardless of their role. The application of these behaviors will ensure that together we achieve alignment of policy, process and actions, which we regard as key to realizing our target of zero harm.


Risik Management





Confront Risk

Set High Standards

Communicate Openly

Stay Involved


Promote Risk Awareness

Ensure Compliance

Encourage the Team

Involve the Team


Be Mindful

Follow Rules

Speak Up

Get Involved